1. The Dog Days of Summer

    02 Aug 2018
    Soon after I arrived at Susan’s I started talking through the storytelling processes I use with my clients to achieve a more natural experience. I mentioned that I ask questions to get everyone comfortable; sometimes I’ll ask the kids, “If you could be any animal what animal would you be?”…

  2. Cozy Newborn Eden Margaret

    19 Jul 2018
    Everything I noticed when I walked into this session was gorgeous. The cozy blankets, the sweet nursery, the mobile over the crib and of course little Eden Margaret. I’m so thankful each and every time I am welcomed into a home for a session.

  3. Front Yard Magic

    11 Jul 2018
    When I speak to my clients prior to the session I ask one main question; “What are the most important things to know about who you are as a family?” This question tends to guide the entire experience. When I spoke to Alie before her family’s session she mentioned their…

  4. Girls and Goats

    29 Jun 2018
    During our phone consultation prior to the session, Kristie told me they had two little girls, two goats, and a bunch of chickens. I immediately laughed with joy and said, “OH! I am so IN!” I’m excited to share my glimpse into their lives.  I love in-home sessions. Each one…

  5. Connected to the Garden

    17 Sep 2017
    A few years ago, Lori and John moved their family out of the suburbs to a small farm in West Michigan. They had a dream, the details were fuzzy but the outline was there. It was about gathering people together, creating a community, with the garden as the center of…

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