1. Slip N’ Slide

    04 Sep 2018
    I was invited a few weeks ago to document the annual Slip N’ Slide event at Woodbridge Dairy Farm. They host this free event once a year to “test” their irrigation system and everyone from the community is invited. It’s such a wonderful celebration of summer and I can’t wait…

  2. These Michigan Summer Nights

    24 Aug 2018
    It’s no secret that summer in Michigan is a compelling time to visit. I was delighted when Breaha invited me out to Pentwater to capture her family while on vacation from their home in Indiana. A night spent climbing sand dunes, catching minnows, splashing in the water, and playing in…

  3. The Dog Days of Summer

    02 Aug 2018
    Soon after I arrived at Susan’s I started talking through the storytelling processes I use with my clients to achieve a more natural experience. I mentioned that I ask questions to get everyone comfortable; sometimes I’ll ask the kids, “If you could be any animal what animal would you be?”…

  4. Cozy Newborn Eden Margaret

    19 Jul 2018
    Everything I noticed when I walked into this session was gorgeous. The cozy blankets, the sweet nursery, the mobile over the crib and of course little Eden Margaret. I’m so thankful each and every time I am welcomed into a home for a session.

  5. Front Yard Magic

    11 Jul 2018
    When I speak to my clients prior to the session I ask one main question; “What are the most important things to know about who you are as a family?” This question tends to guide the entire experience. When I spoke to Alie before her family’s session she mentioned their…

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