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  1. Golden and Glorious

    13 Nov 2018
    A couple of weeks ago I announced a session giveaway on social media. Alana and her family won and they really wanted to catch the last bits of the fall colors. We met at park just as the sun came out and played in the golden leaves.

  2. The More the Merrier, Animals that is…

    09 Nov 2018
    This sweet family adds animals to their farm almost weekly or so I was told. I forgot to ask what the current total was but with cats, dogs, a bearded dragon, chickens, alpacas and more, they have their hands full. Their gorgeous property is the perfect spot to accumulate all…

  3. Fall Magic Mini Session

    03 Nov 2018
    I’ve been photographing these dear friends since their oldest was born. I’m so thankful they’ve trusted me all these years. We did a mini session last week and the fall colors were perfect.

  4. Pink Polk-a-Dots, Bike Rides, and an Abundance of Giggles

    01 Oct 2018
    When Megan and I had our initial phone conversation she told me that her two children were quite shy and it might be hard to get them to open up and have fun. I told her to try not to worry about it, I have a couple of shy children…

  5. Slip N’ Slide

    04 Sep 2018
    I was invited a few weeks ago to document the annual Slip N’ Slide event at Woodbridge Dairy Farm. They host this free event once a year to “test” their irrigation system and everyone from the community is invited. It’s such a wonderful celebration of summer and I can’t wait to attend next year with…

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