Let's Go Into the Wild
I’ll photograph your family as you come alive in open spaces. Just play; just be.

Lindsay Ritchie Photography

West Michigan Family Photographer

You’re a little untamed and a little adventurous.
The family you’ve made comes alive when you’re not looking at the world through a screen or a pane of glass, but up close.

You're fostering a little tribe of explorers.

You feel most authentically, powerfully yourselves in the open spaces. Your pants may be streaked with dirt, but your eyes are sparkling, and you're not upset about the mess. Because it's not really a mess, is it?

It's living.

You need a photographer who will:

-Capture the connection and awe that happens in wild spaces

-follow your child as they jump in puddles

-or tuck wildflowers behind their ears

Some part of childhood wonder – gone much too soon – is on full display here, and I will follow them into the pond to catch that awakening joy as it bubbles out.

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Lindsay is gifted not just because she can take a great picture, but because she sees beauty in the most common places. Looking at her photos I see the things that happened right in front of me, but somehow I had not really seen before.


"I just got done looking at the pictures you took! You are truly gifted. I've seen hundreds of pictures of my children, however, yours are the only ones that can make me smile and cry at the same time, and I don't cry about a whole lot. Thank you for bringing that joy into my life."


Lindsay immediately put my daughter at ease during our session.  We were thrilled with the experience, from start to finish!"


Take Me To Your Favorite Place
The path your family walks and explores in all the seasons. We'll get distracted by rocks, acorns and maybe even a find a frog.

Some of my favorite Grand Rapids area parks include:

  • Cascade Peace Park
  • Siedman Park
  • Aman Park
  • Saugatuck Dunes
  • Prairie Wolf Park

You don’t need your clothes to match.

It’s probably better if you don’t. You don’t need to curl everybody’s hair. In fact, if your kids want to wear capes or bring magic wands, I’m all in.

We might be a good fit if you are the kind of family who comes most alive when you take a deep breath of clean air and feel the sunshine on your face.

You’re okay if your family isn’t perfect; you want to be real. Me too. 

Each session will be in the location of your choice. I'll photograph you as we explore, play games and connect with each other. Along the way I will choose a few opportune moments to capture the shot of everyone looking at the camera, but these will be low stress and short lived.

 I want you to relax and enjoy your family,

knowing that you will leave this experience with tangible evidence of your connection to each other and to nature, moments in time you can treasure long after your little ones are grown.

Let's go into the wild together

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