About Lindsay

Homeschooling, stay-at-home mom. Nature lover. Storyteller. Image maker. From Grand Rapids, Michigan

Hello and welcome.

My name is Lindsay and I'm so thankful that you're here.

Over twenty years ago my dad handed me his old Minolta and I've been enchanted by the art of photography ever since. It became more than a hobby in 2013 when I took my first class with the online photography school called The Define School. I’ve since taken dozens of more online classes, continuing to grow and challenge myself in the art of photography.

I feel a profound connection with nature, and when my kids or I need a reset, we go outside. And it works. The wild things bring us back to ourselves. We are who we are supposed to be when we’re in the woods. 

There are lots of stories I could help you tell, but the ones I’m most excited about are the ones that take us off the path and into the mud. Because really, any story that begins with mud is probably going to be a good one. I’m the kind of person and parent and photographer who says yes. As much as possible, I want to say yes to the world.

 I would be honored to photograph your story.

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